Simultaneous interpretation booth


The Simultaneous Interpretation Department boasts the most extensive supply of equipment in France and can organize up to 30 international conferences at once, for up to 3,500 speakers.

We use two digital technologies:

> The first makes it possible to interpret into up to 16 languages thanks to analog infrared broadcasting,

> The second is used for conferences featuring up to 32 languages thanks to digital infrared broadcasting.

Both of these systems can be managed via PC with the help of our technical team.

Constantly upgraded, our supply of equipment makes it possible to meet the most exacting requirements, particularly for clients looking for access to the latest technological advances on the market.

Our range of equipment

Conference microphone


The largest supply of digital conference microphones is at your disposal for round tables, Board of Directors’ meetings, trade union gatherings, etc. With three different technologies and four types of microphones, you are sure to find the equipment that best suits your needs.

Our range of equipment

Wireless microphone


PROSON offers one of the largest supplies of wireless microphones on the market, featuring the two top brands: Shure and Sennheiser.

We can thus meet the most demanding professional requirements.

Ear monitor & Intercom

HF ear monitors are used primarily for TV studios and links to journalists, as well as to broadcast foreign languages during international conferences.

HF intercoms are used to facilitate communication between technicians on multi-camera sets, to provide a link between different control units or between floor managers and technicians, etc.

Our range of equipment

Ear monitor & Intercom


Les oreillettes HF (EAR MONITOR) servent surtout aux plateaux TV, aux renvois journalistes mais également aux renvois de langues étrangères lors de conférences internationales.


Les intercoms HF sont utilisés pour la communication entre différents techniciens, que ce soit sur un plateau multicaméras, pour une liaison entre différentes régies, entre régisseurs et techniciens, etc.

Our range of equipment

Guided tour


As the name suggests, guided tour equipment is used primarily for guided tours of factories, museums, etc., as well as for “light” interpretation.

This system is a convenient mobile solution for small-scale simultaneous translation.

The SENNHEISER HDE 2020-D guided tour receiver is a convenient solution for receiving the information transmitted by the digital guided tour system 2020-D. This one-of-a-kind device, which includes the receiver and headset, offers numerous advantages. Listeners only wear the bare essentials. As a one-piece device, there is no risk of tangling cables, while the powerful battery offers more than eight hours of operation. Whether you are touring a sprawling city or a large corporation, the SENNHEISER TourGuide 2020-D system guarantees uninterrupted communication.

Our range of equipment

Sound systems


PROSON does not aim to rival major sound companies.

Our sole objective is to capture and broadcast sound during conferences.

To do so, we use digital consoles and two types of sound broadcasting: Classic HP with amplifier or amplified HP.

Our range of equipment